Hospitality in Times of Hardship

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, homelessness services such as our Matthew Talbot Hostel have been essential in keeping people safe and protected. While capacity has been reduced due to COVID-19, we’ve been working alongside the government to temporarily house people in hotels. Throughout this time, we’ve had some helping hands in our kitchen to assist us in providing nutritious food for our hostel residents, and for those residing in nearby hotels.

When Nesuto Hotels and Apartments had to close their hotel kitchens due to government guidelines, they wanted to support their chefs to help charities like Vinnies in a time of great need. Nesuto Chef, Charity, came to our Matthew Talbot hostel to assist with making sandwiches and preparing dinners alongside out MTH kitchen staff.

"I was so passionate about helping those in need, through these pandemic times" Charity explains, "It was such a pleasure to work with the team at Matthew Talbot Hostel and I am very grateful for my time there"

Nesuto Chef, Charity, preparing sandwiches with MTH kitchen staff, Mohammed

Stedmans Hospitality also got on board, helping deliver the food from the hostel to those in nearby hotels twice a day, every day. Without their support, this would be quite a challenge!

Stedmans Hospitality staff member Jenna, picking up meals from the MTH for delivery to nearby hotels

We’re so grateful to have had this support at such a critical time for those we assist at our Matthew Talbot Hostel.

If you’d like to get involved, find out more about getting involved with Vinnies as a corporate partner.