Denim thrift flips at West Ryde Vinnies

Thursday 23 December 2021

As comfortable clothing became the centerpiece of fashion while Australians locked down this year, a classic 70’s look has made an unexpected return. Patchwork denim has made a comeback, bringing fashion and sustainability together for a trend we can all get behind.

Seeing an opportunity to maximize sustainability in our stores, the team at West Ryde Vinnies have started an upcycling project, kicking off with patchwork jeans using recycled denim from the shop. Inspired by the return of the trend, these jeans were designed, sewn and donated by Trisha, one of our super creative student volunteers.

Upcycling takes something that would otherwise go to waste, and turns it into something fresh with lots more life to give. There are so many environmental benefits to upcycling, as it stops unnecessary waste from ending up in landfill, minimizes the use of natural resources, and reduces the processes of creating new clothing which create air pollution, water wastage and greenhouse gas emissions.

With Designers like Gucci, Stella McCartney and Saint Laurent bringing patchwork denim designs to the runway as early as 2020, it’s no surprise this throwback is now filling the racks of fast-paced fashion brands. While the trend is now more accessible, the mass-production of this style misses the point of the trend’s origin, to bring creativity and originality while making the most of existing materials.


These one-of-a-kind pairs of jeans are now available at West Ryde Vinnies from just $12, so you can score a pair of unique threads that the earth will love too. Just like all the clothing in our stores, the sale of these reworked jeans also gives back to the local community, helping fund Vinnies Services and programs supporting people experiencing homelessness and poverty, escaping domestic violence and so much more. Head to West Ryde Vinnies to grab a pair today.