Curious collectables at Vinnies Shops

Monday 10 October 2022

For the right buyer, some collectables are worth the price, especially if they are a cultural artefact with a rich history.

Mittagong Vinnies was donated 4 pieces of Chinese porcelain which looked to be authentic historical collector’s items. The team at Mittagong took the time to research and partner with a local antique centre to properly value the pieces.

Those pieces are Chinese made for the Vietnamese market and were valued in the hundreds for each piece. The ceramic pieces were made in the Song and Ming Dynasty and some more recently from the 18th Century. Altogether they were purchased for $750.

Another rare item was found, this time a jade statue in Tanilba Bay Vinnies. Staff realised it could be a highly valued item and decided to send it to a shop where it could be sold at a higher price. The statue was sent to Maitland Vinnies which was having a collectables promotion to attract the right buyer.

An auctioneer with experience in valuing collectables was contacted by the team at Maitland and he was able to confirm the jade was genuine, valuing the statue between $400 and $600. The statue was put up for sale at $500 and had a very short 24 hours on display.

Thanks to the teamwork and coordination of the shops, the jade statue was able to go for the best price possible.

Some more collectors’ items found in Vinnies shops include:

A numbered print of Peter Brock for $350 and a Queen Anne afternoon tea service for $350 at Vinnies Nowra. Vinnies at Coffs Harbour have recently sold a uranium glass vase for $750 and have on offer a German made Kestner Doll from the early 1900s for $295. Berry Vinnies also sold a slightly damaged Chinese chess set sell for $250.

St Vincent de Paul Society NSW is celebrating a century of Vinnies Shops this October by offering customers the opportunity to discover rare treasures in locations across the state.

Visit participating Vinnies Shops from 24 October to 6 November to find the golden tagged treasure items. Every transaction made at a Vinnies NSW Shop during this period will be eligible to go in the draw to win one of several big-ticket items, simply scan the QR code at the Vinnies NSW Shop point of sale once you’ve made a purchase.

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