Breaking Barriers to Inclusion

Friday 11 September 2020

We all deserve to be able to participate and enjoy what life has to offer. At Vinnies, our Access and Inclusion team are encouraging organisations and business to be more welcoming for people with disabilities and their families. We’re providing kits, free of charge, which allow people with sensory sensitivities to participate in environments which may usually not be accessible. These kits help reduce barriers to access, providing a calming, quiet and safe environment so that everyone has a chance to get involved.

Sensory barriers are more common than you would imagine. We have three kits available, to help soothe children and adults who may feel overwhelmed in busy, loud environments and make tasks like reading a menu more accessible for everyone.


Escape the Noise


For environments that can get loud and overwhelming, we have our Escape the Noise kit, which includes background noise-reducing adult and child sized earmuffs and single-use ear plugs. This kit helps those who find it difficult to participate in loud environments to stay longer and enjoy themselves, by reducing the impact of sudden and loud noises.


Sensory Oasis


Created for children and young people who get overwhelmed in loud, busy environments, we have our Sensory Oasis. Every item in the kit has been approved by occupational therapists, which includes a teepee, noise-reducing earmuffs, various texturized items and toys, touch and feel books and a weighted blanket that can help children feel more relaxed and focused.

“I’d highly recommend the sensory oasis kit, as it’s been a refuge for a number of our students.” Said Helen Te Rata, Principal of Mascot Public School who have recently implemented the kit.


Xtra Eyes


Our Xtra Eyes Kit helps to reduce barriers for people with low vision, and includes different sized magnifying sheets and a magnifying glass for customers to fill out forms, read a menu or enjoy reading a magazine.


We’re excited to provide these resources to support and encourage more organisations and business to be welcoming for people with disabilities, breaking down barriers to inclusion.

Our friendly staff can also offer free advice on other ways for businesses to improve accessibility. To get in touch about our kits, or to find out more about access and inclusion contacts us at