A Path to Positivity

Wednesday 2 December 2020

In times of need, Vinnies is there to support those who need it most. As one of Vinnies oldest services, home visitation is a core part of the work we do in assisting people to stay on their feet when times are tough. By reaching out to people in their homes, we’re able to provide a more personal approach and have a greater understanding of how we can help.

Catherine’s Story

Catherine was assisted through home visitation in NSW.

As a single mother who escaped domestic violence, Catherine has raised three daughters on her own, and in recent years family illness and financial hardship have left Catherine struggling to get by. Thankfully, when Catherine needed it most, she found much-needed hope and support through Vinnies Home Visitation program.

Five years ago Catherine’s middle child Lisa, now 20 years old, was diagnosed with cancer. Not long afterwards, a sudden back injury left Catherine unable to work. Quickly the medical bills started piling up and the emotional stress became too much.

"I found myself financially drowning. Having a child battling cancer, dealing with my own health problems and then having the financial stress on top of that-the enormity of it was overwhelming. It's heart wrenching as a parent to watch your child go through illness. I would actually get sick with worry. I had many sleepless nights."

When a neighbour suggested Catherine give Vinnies a call, it was the first step towards emotional and financial relief.

Home visits are one of Vinnies oldest services, not only does it provide practical and financial assistance, it provides companionship and emotional support to families and individuals facing extreme hardship.

"The home visits from Margaret meant the world to me. She was always so compassionate and warming and it was amazing just knowing that someone was there to listen. She gave me food vouchers for the local shops, which got me through that month, and Vinnies even helped me enrol my youngest daughter into a good high school."

While Catherine's middle daughter, Lisa, is now in remission from cancer, ongoing health complications continue to put financial and emotional stress on the family. But knowing that support and compassion are just a phone call away gives Catherine peace of mind.

"Vinnies has set me on a path to positivity. Even though I've been hit with tragedy after tragedy, knowing that there are genuine people out there that are willing to help is a weight off my shoulders. Vinnies has given me a more positive outlook on life. They've been my saving grace."

The Supre Foundation has generously donated $66,593 so far to Vinnies to help us provide critical support to girls and women across the country impacted by COVID-19, specifically to victims of domestic violence during this unprecedented time. We are so grateful for the Supré community in helping us continue to provide crisis accommodation and shelter, and long-term support and friendship, for women and children wanting to build new lives and move away from relationship violence. In addition, from now until end of August, 100% of proceeds from all Supré Foundation products will be donated between Vinnies, Food Bank and Beyond Blue to help with food, shelter and mental health services for vulnerable women during this uncertain time.

You can make a difference with a Supre Foundation tote, lip balm, tissue pack or mints. They have also recently added a Supre Foundation mask to the collection to help curb the spread during COVID-19.