75 Years and Counting

Friday 28 May 2021

Sharing the wonderful news of our Trundle Conference Member, John Kearney, who this year at the age of 94, celebrates his 75 years of service with the St Vincent de Paul Society. John has been a very active member of the Society since he joined at the age of 19 and has held various leadership positions.

The Trundle Conference had declining membership some years ago, however John kept it going, ensuring assistance was available to those in need in his community. John was instrumental at that time in the recruitment and training of new members, to ensure the continuation of the Conference in Trundle. John continues on as a Conference member, attending regular local meetings, having been awarded a Life Membership in 2015 for his dedication.

John with some of his family and Trundle Conference members, celebrating this wonderful achievement.

We so greatly admire and appreciate John’s amazing dedication to serving those in need and supporting his fellow members.

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