Vinnies flood appeal needs help to reach more people

It is just over a week since the devastation of the Cyclone Debbie headed south, creating widespread flooding in the Northern Rivers of NSW but there are still many people suffering and needing assistance and Vinnies are short of their fundraising target.

The Vinnies Northern Rivers Flood Appeal fundraising target was set at $100,000 in order to provide the most amount of support, however so far only a quarter of that target ($25,000) has so far been met.

The St Vincent de Paul Society is there for the long haul, because natural disasters don’t get cleaned up overnight. Vinnies provides a wide-range of assistance to people after disasters including counselling, home visitation, food vouchers and packages, help with paying bills, furniture, and much more, all made possible through generous donations.

Vinnies own Lismore shop and the support offices across the road, for people needing assistance, were both severely damaged. All the stock in the store had to be replaced.

“We are very grateful to all the volunteers who pitched in to clean up the mess in the shop and offices. It is an amazing feat that just three days after the flooding, we were able to reopen,” explained Michael Timbrell, Executive Officer St Vincent de Paul Society Lismore.

“Many of the Vinnies team who helped with the cleanup were also dealing with their own property damage suffered in the floods. It is truly touching to see people putting others before themselves like this. I have never been prouder to be working for Vinnies than in the last week.”

St Vincent de Paul NSW CEO Jack de Groot said: “Vinnies is a big community. We have dedicated members, volunteers and staff all willing to get their hands dirty, to not only help clean up our own shop and office, but to reach out to the community and assit them with what they need most.

“It is because of this that we ask people for financial donations rather than physical donations. Your donation doesn’t have to be much, just $10 can keep someone fed for the night.”

To allow Vinnies to help as many people as possible, please donate here:

or call 13 18 12 or drop in to any Vinnies shop and donate at the till.