Vinnies flagship shop opens in Brookvale

The new flagship Vinnies Shop will open in the heart of Brookvale on 27 September. The warehouse-style space delivers an entirely new retail concept and presentation that challenges some of the preconceived notions of secondhand shops being musky, daggy, with shelves full of kitschy crockery.

With 1,000m of retail space, the new open plan shop floor is bright and contemporary and delivers a premium customer experience in second-hand goods shopping, whilst keeping true to its proposition of good quality stock at value-for-money prices.

According to Vinnies NSW CEO Jack de Groot, Vinnies has transcended brand and is now part of the Australian vernacular. The Brookvale Shop epitomises this trend.

“We’re very proud and excited to be opening this new concept shop. We are redefining the way people think of opshops, moving them towards a more enticing and inspiring experience,” said Mr de Groot.

“While highstreet retailers are able to take advantage of an omni-channel experience, showcasing coordinated ranges and offering online purchasing, Vinnies still delivers its customer experience through its brick and mortar shops, leaving the choice of look to the imagination of the shopper.

“For our flagship Shop we use lifestyle merchandising as the key point of difference, where shoppers can see exactly how treasures found at Vinnies can work in their wardrobes and in their homes.

“We want our customers to have a positive shopping experience because it is key to repeat visits and also encourages them to donate their unwanted, quality items to Vinnies,” said Mr de Groot.

“Our retail team and volunteers have worked very hard to put together this amazing flagship store. Everyone is welcome to come along to the Grand Opening and see the store for themselves and I look forward to hearing the community’s thoughts.

“There are over 250 Vinnies Shops and distribution centres across NSW. The Society relies on sales at our shops because they provide 41% of funding for the work we do in the community, so we really appreciate receiving good quality, often unused, items.”

Last financial year saw a four per cent increase in sales in NSW. This went toward assisting 300,000 people, providing them with over $1.7 million in material aid. Shops are run by a dedicated group of volunteers and staff. In 2015-16, over 9300 volunteers devoted approximately 1.9 million hours of service.