Help Vinnies Reach Our Target to Assist People for Christmas

The 2017 St Vincent de Paul Society Christmas Appeal has reached a crucial point as we close in on Christmas and New Years. The Christmas Appeal urgently requires more monetary donations to support families and individuals experiencing disadvantage. To date, the St Vincent de Paul Society has reached only 50% of the Appeal’s fundraising target.

The holiday season is the most strained and urgent time of year for those living in poverty. Vinnies NSW CEO Jack de Groot explains, “Many people face the dilemma of whether to buy a turkey or pay their rent during this period. We haven’t reached our Christmas Appeal goal yet, which means we will not be able to meet the needs of our communities.”

A review of how and what people spend surrounding the season helps put charitable giving in perspective.

The average market shopper spends almost $100 on fish alone for a single Christmas meal. Similiarly, a recent study revealed that New South Wales residents buy an average of $634 gifts during the holidays. While a large majority (76.2%) of Australians agree that gifts are a great way to express love for family and friends, a majority (65.9%) also admit they sometimes feel buying Christmas gifts is a waste of money.

In light of  disproportionate spending on presents and food, perhaps donating to charity would be the most fullfilling, and ultimately the most appetizing, gift.

“Ahead of Christmas, consider giving a charitable gift donation to your loved ones in lieu of a gift that may not be used. Putting that money to better use, such as a donation to charities like Vinnies, is a gift that gives again and again, not only to an individual, but also to your community.” says Mr. de Groot

“During the 2016 festive season, our members assisted over 42,500 individuals. We provided more than 11,000 Christmas hampers at a cost of $1.1 million to ensure that families were able to celebrate this holy holiday. The Society also gave $2.2 million in food assistance across the state, ensuring everyone who sought our help had a warm Christmas meal.

Mr. de Groot continues, “Many of our services receive no government or grant support, and operate only with the generosity of our donors. We know that Christmas is a tight financial time for everyone, but, if you can, please give to Vinnies so we can help those most in need. Even the smallest amount will change a life.”

Donations feed, house, clothe, educate, and heal local communities. Those in need are our neighbours and friends, and could possibly be ourselves, if circumstances suddenly and adversely changed. With ongoing housing price increases, rising electricity and gas costs, many people are stretched to a financial breaking point. Vinnies also promotes long-term programs for those experiencing disadvantage to recover from and excel beyond their circumstances.

Vinnies can only complete good works through donations like yours. Please support our efforts in your community during this season of giving and compassion.  

Media Contact: Felicity Moody | | 0417 446 430