No child should have to wonder where they will sleep each night.

A year on from the biggest global crisis in recent memory, the hardship continues for many in our communities. The ongoing devastating impacts of COVID-19, combined with the recent cut to the JobSeeker rate and the current housing crisis, are making it almost impossible for many struggling families to stay afloat.

“If you add the increased rental prices in Canberra to the equation, then you will find many families in our community forced to make the difficult decision of choosing whether to provide a meal to their children, pay rent or pay their energy bill so they can stay warm,” said John Feint, President of the St Vincent de Paul Society Canberra/Goulburn.

“More and more Australian children are being forced into homelessness,” he said.

“As the nights get longer and the temperature drops, the need in our community is growing. Our volunteers are being called on more than ever to support families in need. It is heartbreaking,” said Mr Feint.

St Vincent de Paul Society in Canberra/Goulburn provides a vital service for individuals and families facing financial hardship. Our volunteers and team members provide the emotional and financial assistance that struggling families need to hang on to their tenancies and maintain a secure environment for their children.

This month, Vinnies is launching their 2021 Winter Appeal, calling for donations to support the rising numbers of people, especially children, experiencing disadvantage in the community to get through the winter.

“With your help we can provide financial support on a one-on-one basis for people seeking assistance. As well as food hampers and grocery vouchers to reduce hunger, we can assist people to pay for utility bills and unexpected expenses, providing dignity and relief to those struggling this season,” said Mr Feint.

“We rely on the generous contributions from our community, this is why we are calling for donations that can help support those in need during this challenging time of the year.”

11 May 2021