We know that during this time, and potentially long after, if economic predictions are accurate, there will be even more of a need for our assistance. There are many people losing work and worried about meeting their financial obligations. However, the economic impacts of this pandemic can be felt within the Society itself.

Due to the spread of this virus, we know events and gatherings have had to be cancelled. For us this includes fundraising events. Our largest fundraising event of the year, the Vinnies CEO Sleepout, is coming up in June, and unable to run as planned. Last year that event raised $812,500 here in the Canberra/Goulburn region, and $8 million nationally. It will be difficult to even come close to matching those funds through alternative sources.

Our major fundraising source, our Vinnies shops, are also under pressure. Many of our shops have had to close, and those still open have far fewer customers than usual, so the revenue our shops generate to fund our programs is not coming in as steadily as it ordinarily would.

We have very loyal and generous donors who we know will do their best to support us through these tough times, and we appreciate every cent someone can donate to help us help others.