With the ACT Container Deposit Scheme (ACT CDS), Vinnies’ Caring for Canberra campaign aims to reduce waste while raising funds for Vinnies’ frontline services.

It’s simple. 

Instead of discarding all single use drink containers, collect eligible cartons, cans and bottles and ReCollect will do the dirty work for you. For every eligible container collected, 10c will go to Vinnies’ frontline services.

Collecting Containers, Makes Real Change

  1. Sign up to ReCollect with this link: https://app.re-collect.com.au/vinniescg

    • Set up your company account and make sure the funds are set to go to Vinnies.

  2. Request ReCollect bottle collection bins

  3. Set up a weekly pick up in your ReCollect app

    • Each week, ReCollect will pick up the eligible bottles and cans collected in their bins and 10c per container will be donated to Vinnies.

    • Make sure the bins are accessible to ReCollect staff on collection days.

  4. Start collecting!

    • Collect eligible containers from everyday service in the ReCollect bins.

  5. Spread the word

    • Supporters of the campaign will be featured on our website and social media to thank you for your generosity.

    • Download our marketing materials to promote your support of the campaign and ensure ReCollect bins are easily identifiable to your staff and the ReCollect team.


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Questions? Get in touch with our team at giving.cg@vinnies.org.au or on (02) 6234 7341