The St Vincent de Paul Society Canberra/ Goulburn (Vinnies) expects that new community partnerships will raise substantial funds through the ACT Container Deposit Scheme. Media are invited to attend a photo opportunity with spokespeople available for interviews on Wednesday 7 November from 12.30pm at Daramalan College.

Vinnies is one of the first charities taking part in the ACT Container Deposit Scheme which started on 30 June. To date, over 640,000 containers have been returned via Express at the three Vinnies return sites. A total of 34,000 containers were donated to Vinnies resulting in a total value of $3,400 of vital additional funds to help people in need.

Daramalan College, Mantra MacArthur Hotel, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Gungahlin Lakes Golf Club as well as Janrule and WFM Motors which includes Canberra Toyota have agreed to support Vinnies through the Container Deposit Scheme by collecting bottles and other recyclable containers for Vinnies. The ten cent refund per recycled beverage container will support the Vinnies mission in the community.

“Canberra Toyota have been a wonderful long-term supporter of Vinnies and it is great to welcome them on board as a Container Deposit Scheme supporter,” said Patrick McKenna, Director of Compliance & Governance at the St Vincent de Paul Society Canberra/Goulburn.

“The revenue we earn from the container deposit returns will assist people in need as well as generate employment for Newstart recipients,” said Mr McKenna.

Canberrans can return eligible, empty beverage containers, including cans and bottles, to get a refund of ten cents per container. People can choose whether to keep the ten cent refund or donate it directly to people in need via Vinnies programs or one of the other participating charities.

“We are thrilled that Daramalan College, Mantra MacArthur Hotel, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Gungahlin Lakes Golf Club as well as Janrule and WFM Motors have decided to support Vinnies via the Container Deposit Scheme. We hope that other organisations including schools, hotels and clubs will also decide to follow their example. It is an easy way to support the work of the St Vincent de Paul Society while also helping to protect the environment”, said Mr McKenna.

In addition to helping generate additional funds for the Society, Vinnies plans to set up a social enterprise that will create employment opportunities for residents at Oaks Estate via the Container Deposit Scheme.

“Funds raised via this year’s CEO Sleepout allowed us to purchase a trailer which will help us generate employment at Oaks Estate through the Container Deposit Scheme. Residents from Oaks Estate will be able to collect recyclable containers from Vinnies partners participating in the scheme and deliver them to the bulk depot in Fyshwick”, continued Mr McKenna.

“Since the start of the scheme, a total of 3.5 million containers have been returned. Vinnies have been instrumental in engaging the community in the CDS scheme and we are delighted their charity has been the beneficiary of so many container refunds”, said David Singh, Managing Director, Re.Group.

“We would also like to thank Alex Northey from CanBiz Consultants for his support in identifying potential community partners to support Vinnies via the ACT Container Deposit Scheme”, said Patrick McKenna.

The first Vinnies return sites are:

  • Vinnies Belconnen: corner of Rae and Purdue streets
  • Vinnies Dickson: 1/9 Woolley Street
  • Vinnies Tuggeranong: corner of Pittman Street and Athllon Drive

The other return sites are:

  • Salvos Fyshwick: 15 Mildura Street
  • Fyshwick bulk depot (for more than 500 containers): 151 Gladstone Street

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7 November 2018