An anticipated 150 of the region’s business leaders will roll out their sleeping bags at Questacon, the National Science and Technology Centre this June for the 2016 Vinnies CEO Sleepout.

The Director of Questacon, Professor Graham Durant, has participated since 2014 and raised over $7,000 for homelessness services and was keen to offer Questacon as the next location.

“Having that experience of just one night, sleeping in the bitter cold of Canberra’s winter, was such a humbling and eye opening experience. My commitment to end homelessness in the ACT is the driving reason I continue to participate and why I offered one of our national landmarks as the next host. I’m hoping that this year we can help Vinnies raise over $400,000 for their services,” explains Prof. Durant.

The St Vincent de Paul Society’s Canberra/Goulburn CEO, Paul Trezise, says the funds are necessary, not only to help people who are already homeless but to find ways to stop the slide into homelessness.

“One night of uncomfortable and disruptive sleep has a huge impact on you the next day, your alertness and mood is severely impacted. Imagine sleeping like that for weeks, months and even years,” Mr Trezise says

“This practical experience for CEOs gives them some insight into how hard it can be to hold a job, continue study or even keep a family and relationship together if you’re homeless. 

“The effects of trauma, a lack of quality education, an experience of family or domestic violence, or inadequate support of chronic mental illness are all common underlying factors for the people we support. Substance addiction, poverty and homelessness are the results, and are far more costly and difficult to address.”

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