2015 CEO Sleepout Canberra location revealed!

An anticipated 150 of the region’s business leaders will roll out their sleeping bags at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) this June for the 2015 Vinnies CEO Sleepout.

The St Vincent de Paul Society Canberra Goulburn has taken ADFA up on their offer to host this year’s event, so CEOs from around the Canberra/Goulburn region will be sleeping out on the ground around the Academy’s Parade Ground on 18 June.

Many ADFA cadets and midshipmen are also planning to sleep rough at another location on the grounds in support of their Commandant, Air Commodore Alan Clements, who was among last year’s top 10 fundraisers.

His efforts, amid simulated street noises in the cold quadrangle of the Australian Film and Sound Archive, contributed $8,000-plus of the more than $400,000 raised to help break the cycle of homelessness.

"Last year I was encouraged by an officer cadet at ADFA to participate in the CEO Sleepout. With over 100,000 Australians homeless, participating in this event was a simple decision to make. The experience provided me with an insight into the issues surrounding homelessness, and how we can make a difference to those in that situation." said Air Commodore Alan Clements.

"Last year the cadets and midshipmen at ADFA were very supportive and over 100 of them conducted their own sleepout event at ADFA and donated blankets to Vinnies. They are very supportive of many causes and charities, and I hope they again support CEO Sleepout this year."

With the full force of ADFA behind it, Vinnies is aiming to raise $500,000 through this year’s Canberra CEO Sleepout.

St Vincent de Paul Society’s Canberra/Goulburn CEO, Paul Trezise, says the funds are necessary not only to help people who are already homeless but to find ways to stop the slide into homelessness.

“Affordable, safe and secure housing is a crucial solution to addressing our current homelessness crisis. However, it is just as important, to have a good understanding of the reasons so many people in our society experience homelessness in the first place,” Mr Trezise says.

“The effects of trauma, a lack of quality education, an experience of family or domestic violence, or inadequate support of chronic mental illness are all common underlying factors for the people we support. Substance addiction, poverty and homelessness are the results, and are far more costly and difficult to address.”

To sign up or nominate your boss head to www.ceosleepout.org.au

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