This weekend the annual Vinnies Doorknock Appeal will begin. Throughout the month of February volunteers go out onto the streets of Canberra and Queanbeyan and knock on doors within their neighbourhood, with the goal of collecting much needed funds for Vinnies to support those in need within our community.

“The success of the Doorknock Appeal is directly linked to the number of volunteers who put their hand up to help; our goal is to get 1000 volunteers to help us reach our target and to allow us to continue to give a hand up to those in need”, explains Frank Brassil, President of the St Vincent de Paul Society. The money raised through the Doorknock appeal helps fund a range of services provided by Vinnies - from the unique home visitation service through to emergency accommodation and the Young Carers' Program.
Sam Palma is a long term Vinnies Doorknock volunteer and conference worker, providing home visitation services to support those people Vinnies help within the community “I have seen first-hand the benefits this appeal can have in helping people who need our support. I have been doorknocking for Vinnies for the past 27 years and encourage everyone to consider volunteering for Doorknock, as the more volunteers we have, the larger the area we can cover and the more funds we can raise.”
Volunteers for the Doorknock Appeal come from many different walks of life within the Canberra and Queanbeyan areas. Doorknocking is a valuable and flexible way to volunteer your time, for a good cause.
“As a CEO I am time poor, the Doorknock Appeal allows me the flexibility to choose the time and day I can collect, it’s a way we can teach our children the importance of community and know we are making a difference and taking time out of our busy lives to help others” said Keith Cantlie, CEO of Cantlie commented.
“As Vinnies Youth Director I am always looking for opportunities to engage young people and Doorknock is perfect for this, it is an easy, positive and fun way to contribute and give back to the community and help the work of Vinnies. Doorknockers also have the opportunity to socialise and meet new people. We are grateful for the support from our local schools, as it is an important part of the success of Doorknock. Volunteers can knock as individuals or in groups in their local area, at a time which suits them throughout the month of February” says Sarah Clifton Director Youth and Young Adults SVDP.
Liberal MLA, Andrew Wall is coordinating one of the Tuggeranong areas for this year’s Doorknock Appeal. “I’ve been doorknocking for several years now and in 2014 I’ll be coordinating the Appeal in east Tuggeranong, where we’ll have around 300 volunteers. Doorknocking is a great way to give back to the less fortunate in our communities and one of the simplest ways to become involved in the work conducted by Vinnies. We need to raise much needed funds again this year with more people struggling. Anyone who wishes to help out by becoming a doorknocker is more than welcome and should contact Vinnies. Otherwise, if someone knocks at your door during the Appeal, please donate generously and help those in our community who are less fortunate”.
The 2014 Vinnies Doorknock Appeal aims to raise $340,000 and we encourage anyone wishing to volunteer to register by visiting or phoning 6234 7347 and we can help register you.
Help us to provide a hand up to those in need by volunteering for Vinnies Doorknock Appeal.