Vinnies Youth VIC

“Striving to serve those in need and inspire positive social change
through faith in action.”

Vinnies Youth Mission Statement

'Vinnies Youth' represents young volunteers aged 18 and over who contribute to the works of the St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria, often through Young Adult conferences and Special Works programs. 


Youth Works

A newsletter designed to update volunteers and members on key Vinnies Youth notices, activities and events.

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To learn more about volunteering with Vinnies Youth, register your interest at or call (03) 9895 8500.

NOTE All volunteer positions are subject to a Working With Children Check and National Police Check. All volunteers working in child-related areas are required to complete a Child Related Activities Induction.


  • Education Program Tutors

    Education Program Tutors support the learning and development of students in our Vinnies education programs.

  • Kids Camps

    Kids Camps run three times a year, with volunteers aged 18-30 taking around 40 children aged 6-12 away on a holiday camp with games, craft activities, sport and other recreation

  • Kids Days Out

    Kids Days Out, are predominately run through our young adult conferences, and provide a chance for primary school aged children to have a day of fun recreational activities

  • Roadshow & Amazing Vinnies Scramble

    Roadshow is an annual week long program which brings Kids Days Out to regional areas of Victoria

  • School Facilitators

    The Vinnies school facilitators assist with presenting social justice workshops in schools and leading our Soup Van Street Retreats.

  • State Youth Team & Advisory Committees

    The State Youth Team are an advisory committee of State Council

  • Vinnies Youth Merchandise

    If you’re a proud young Vincentian, eager to start a conversation about your good work at Vinnies, check out our new range of merchandise!

  • Young Adult Conferences

    The most common way people get involved in Vinnies Youth is by joining a ‘conference’

  • Young Vinnies Visitation

    Visitation remains the core work of the Society. Responding to our companions’ call by sitting with them and listening to their need and providing assistance