Vinnies Principal Sleepout

May 2021

After 11 successful CEO and hundreds of School Sleepouts, 2019 was the year we held the Inaugural Principal Sleepout. Held on a cold night in November, 19 Schools leaders swapped their comfortable beds for a night outside with just cardboard and a sleeping bag. Fred’s Van served an evening meal of sausages and soup, the same meal that was served to the homeless and hungry of Adelaide that night. The evening provided a unique opportunity for the Principals to experience what hundreds of South Australians do on any given night. They worked with their schools, friends and families to raise more than $42,000 to support Vinnies homelessness services.

The event was such a success we had planned to hold another Principal Sleepout in 2020. Covid scuttled that plan, so we are looking forward to holding it again in May 2021.

Here is some feedback from those who took part; ‘I have a much greater insight and awareness of the complex and daunting issues faced - both by those who are homeless and/or living in poverty, and by the broader community in responding to the ever present need’ ‘Very lucky to have the life I do’ ‘Humbled to be able to experience what others have to do daily’ ‘(I am) Sore! It is an uncomfortable experience and we were in a safe environment. It makes you really stop and think how terrifying it must be for those who are left with no other choice’ Thank you to everyone involved.

We will release details on how to register in early 2021 - stay tuned!