School Sleepout in QLD

As a school community you can do more than just provide a hand out this winter; together we can increase awareness of homelessness issues through the School Sleepout initiative.  On any given night during Term 3 your school can simulate what life must be like for those in our community without a place to call home by running/hosting  a school sleepover for one night.


For your school this will:

  • Raise awareness about homelessness and the multiple underlying issues related to homelessness, in particular youth homelessness.
  • Challenge your school community to make a difference to those living rough within your local area
  • Allow students to advocate and be a voice for those in need in your community and raise funds to show your school that you can make a difference this winter
  • Connect with pre-existing homeless services within your community, example Homeless vans or Social Justice Groups in your area.


For further information about our School Sleepout initiative please contact the Youth Department on 07 3010 1073 or at