What is a High School Conference

A High School Conference is a structured and active body of students and teachers within a school community who aim to make a difference to those who are poor, disadvantaged and marginalised. This group of students, along with the guidance of school staff and St Vincent de Paul staff meet to discuss and organise ways to help others in need, be it within their own school community, or beyond. There are three High School Conferences schools across the Canberra/Goulburn Archdiocese.

Who can start a High School Conference

All High Schools/Colleges are welcome to start a Mini Vinnies group, it is not just open to Catholic schools. You will need a group of students who are interested in getting involved and a parent or teacher willing to support the group, as well as permission from the school. A High School Conference can be made up of students from a range of school years or just one year group. 

Where is the service located

High School Conferences meet regularly at school during recess or lunchtime, groups usually run their fundraisers and other events on the school grounds however they may visit other schools, aged care facilities or similar for projects.

Who benefits from High School Conferences

High School Conferences are about doing good works in the community that benefit people facing social injustice. It is also about young people meeting to talk, share ideas and concerns, to have fun and support each other. Forming a High School Conference is a great introduction to the St Vincent de Paul Society’s mission and ethos. It is also a great opportunity for students to put their faith in social justice to action and actively coordinate and participate in volunteer driven projects, events and initiatives that are aimed at improving and working towards rectifying issues in their community. Students involved are strongly encouraged to use their creativity and imagination to raise awareness about social justice issues, and to consider and reflect on the needs of those less fortunate in their community. High School Conferences are supported by the local St Vincent de Paul Parish Conference and St Vincent de Paul staff.

How can I find out more about High School Conferences

For more information please contact: Therese Canty, Youth Liaison Officer on (02) 6234 7387 or therese.canty@svdp-cg.org.au