Involve Your School in WA

Vinnies Youth empowers young people to fight for social justice and put their faith into action by doing good works in their community. Being part of Vinnies Youth helps build student leadership skills and become positive role models for fellow students. School students are encouraged to identify needs in their local community, and look at ways they can respond to those needs.

This can be done by participating in the St Vincent de Paul Society Appeals (Winter, Street and Christmas Appeals) and other awareness raising initiatives such as the Vinnies School Sleepouts and Vinnies Community Sleepouts.

Another great way is to start a school Conference.  Conferences are groups of dedicated students who use their own initiative and drive to raise awareness of social justice issues and support those most in need in their local community. 

A school Conference incorporates three dimensions; service, social connection and spirituality.

  • Primary schools can also get involved by starting Mini Vinnies groups
  • Students aged 16+ can also volunteer on our Youth Support Programs, such as Kids Camps, and this also provides a pathway for students' finishing school to remain connected with the Society.

The Society also assists in students’ faith development through the use of resources such as school spiritual reflections guides and through our school formation camps.

How do I find out more?

Contact us to find out more about how you and your school can get involved with Vinnies.

Phone (08) 6323 7500
Street Address 9 Brewer Road Canning Vale WA 6104
Postal Address PO Box 1450 Canning Vale DC WA 6970