We would love you to volunteer in a Vinnies Retail Centre for your school’s placement program! Places are limited, so send in your forms as soon as you can.

 All placements arranged by Wendy Rayner,
 Business Projects Officer: wrayner@svdpsa.org.au   
 Ph: 0403 461 991  Fax: 08  8169 6599 

 Minimum age: 15 years

 Minimum placement is equivalent of three full days, in addition
 to some online training.

 Schools with large groups for placement are encouraged to book
 their placements well ahead of time.

 Download the Consent Form here


Introductory training / safety induction

Prior to attending the work placement, all students will do some online training, where they will be introduced to the mission and the wider good works of the St Vincent de Paul Society. On-site induction within the shop on the first day of placement will introduce students to the local workplace, their tasks and responsibilities, as well as safety in the workplace.

Vinnies Retail Centres

There are 36 Vinnies Retail Centres throughout SA.  Vinnies provides low cost clothing and household items in a dignified, friendly environment. Operational surplus made from these retail sites is used by St Vincent de Paul volunteers to help people seeking assistance.

Vinnies Centres are constantly receiving quality donations from the public and these are sorted into family assistance, retail and recyclable items. Vinnies shops provide almost half the funds needed by the Society to support services provided to those in need.  These programs include working with those who are hungry, homeless, struggling with financial difficulty, alone or dealing with a mental illness.

What will I do in a Vinnies Centre?  Every Centre is different but they have a few things in common.  They all have a Manager or Management Team, and a team of volunteers who assist in various ways.  You may be asked to sort items such as clothing, jewellery, books, glassware – there are so many wonderful things that people donate!  You may be asked to clean some toys ready to sell in the shop or prepare items to be picked up for delivery elsewhere.  You may help customers find a special gift, help to arrange a display, or serve at the cash register.

The Person in Charge of the shop will direct your work for the day, and may set you to work with another volunteer or by yourself.  You will normally spend three days at a Vinnies Centre.  In this time you will do a variety of tasks and become acquainted with the range of services they offer.

Placement Locations: On the consent form, you are asked to select your top 3 preferences. This is because there are limited places available.

If your local Vinnies shop is not listed on the consent form, it is because they do not currently have the capacity to take in students on placement.  We are committed to providing a positive learning experience through a placement that will meet our goals of education, safety and engagement.

What are the placement hours?  Opening hours for the shops vary depending on the venue.  You will be advised of the hours when your placement is confirmed. Note that some hours extend beyond school times and volunteers are expected to stay for their allocated time.

What do I wear? Closed footwear must be worn in the workplace. Heels should be avoided as there are some workplaces where there are a variety of floor surfaces. 

Dress needs to be semi-casual, modest and practical enough to be able to do a variety of tasks.  The St Vincent de Paul Society is a Christian organisation formed within the Catholic Church.  We are about upholding the dignity of each person and being people of hope.  Therefore, clothing needs to contain no messages or images that will be offensive to co-workers, our clients or to the general public.


What do I bring? Bring your own lunch and keep a water bottle handy. Although it is fine to have your mobile phone, this should never interrupt your work and certainly never be left on when you are in conversations with your co-workers or clients.  In this way, we can be sure that we focus on the relationships we have with those around us.


How do I apply? If you are interested in applying for placement as a volunteer with Vinnies, please do the following:

  • Fill out the Student Placement Consent Form.   
  • Complete the form and email to Wendy Rayner wrayner@svdpsa.org.au or fax to
    08 8169 6599. (Please ensure you tell us your email address, and your top three choices of location on page 2).
  • You will be provided with your online training material and full details of your placement.