How to get started fundraising for Vinnies

Getting your fundraiser started is easy, just follow these simple steps and remember we’re here to help if you have any questions:

Step 1 – Select a Fundraising Idea and Apply for approval

Once you have formed a fundraising idea the first step is to register the fundraiser with the St Vincent de Paul Society by requesting an Application Form for Authority to Fundraise. Contact our Events Coordinator at who will organise to send you a copy.  

Once the form has been completed and submitted you will then receive a confirmation letter giving you authority to start planning your fundraiser on behalf of Vinnies. 

Step 2 - Decide on a Date

Give yourself enough time to plan and organise your fundraiser. You will need to consider if there are any local fundraisers or major events happening in the area that would clash with your fundraiser or is the date you have chosen a public holiday or during school holidays, weekend or work hours.

Step 3 - Find a Venue

Your venue will need to be booked as soon as you have confirmed a date. You will need to consider the size, is it close to public transport or sufficient parking and does it have the correct facility needed to run your fundraiser.

Step 4 - Set a Budget

The aim of a charity fundraiser is to keep costs low, obtain sponsors, approach your workplace to match give and establish a fundraising goal. This goal should be around three times as much as your budget to ensure a good result. Match giving is tax deductable!

Step 5 - Guest List

Considering the capacity of your venue you will need to create your guest list. The guest list should include people who share an interest for Vinnies and people within your corporate and community network, friends and family.  

Step 6 – Checklist

Create a checklist of items that you and your suppliers/sponsors will be bringing to the fundraiser. These include: AV, catering, decor, equipment, permits, volunteers and staff etc. Set deadlines for each task and assign a task to each committee member. Vinnies can also supply you with merchandise on consignment.

Step 7 - Promote the Fundraiser

How are you going to receive the most positive feedback for your fundraiser. Word of mouth is the cheapest and easiest way to get started and create awareness. You can also advertise through posters, notice boards, within newsletters, local newspapers, media releases, radio & TV stations and by using social media like Facebook, Twitter and websites; and

Please note: It is essential that ALL promotional material is approved by Vinnies before being displayed or presented to the public. Correct branding and logos need to be used at all time and can be found in the fundraising guidelines. If approached by Media wanting to cover a story about the fundraiser and/or wanting to come along to the fundraiser on the day, this will need to be communicated to Vinnies so we are able to provide you with correct information and quotes from our spokes person (if required) that would display the best interests of Vinnies and the people we assist.

Step 8 – HAVE FUN at your fundraiser!

Step 9 – Fundraising Results and Consignment Merchandise

Post fundraiser all funds and merchandise will need to be kept in a safe and secure place until returned to Vinnies. A Fundraising Results Summary Form will need to be completed and returned with the monies raised and merchandise within 14 days of the fundraiser taking place. This will be sent to you on your initial application.

Step 10 – Thank your Supporters and Sponsors

Send thank you letters to all your Supporters and Sponsors by acknowledging their contributions to the fundraiser and include how much money was raised. Creating a certificate is always a nice touch to add with the letter.

Thank you for supporting Vinnies

We appreciate the time, effort and support that goes into creating your own charity fundraiser so please send Vinnies some pictures and a blurb about the fundraiser for our external and internal Newsletters.