Community fundraising  

Each year, community members generously donate their time and energy by organising fundraising events and activities for Vinnies.

From BBQ's to bake sales and everything in between, you can get creative and fundraise your own way for Vinnies.  Why not consider a Charity dinner, fun run, auction, raffle, morning tea, trivia night or sporting event? Fundraising is a great way to get your friends, family and community together to have fun and make a difference for people trying to get back on their feet.  However don’t let these ideas limit your creativity, sometimes the biggest fundraisers come from the most unique ideas!

Download our Community Fundraising Toolkit for ideas, tips, information and advice to help you plan a successful fundraising event.

In South Australia, we help over 130,000 people each year thanks to our community of donors and supporters. Contact our Schools and Community Engagement Officer for help to get started. Call 08 8112 8700 or email

Vinnies CEO Sleepout

The Vinnies CEO Sleepout is the Society's biggest annual fundraiser in SA. Money raised is critical to the services we provide in our community. Open to CEOs, senior executives and business or community leaders, consider joining us or nominating your boss or a family member! Details and registration are available on our CEO Sleepout website.


Through fundraising and donor generosity we can ensure men, women and children are provided with the right support and a hand up when times are tough. It is only through the kindness of our generous donors that we are able to continue our good works to over 130,000 people each year across SA.

  • $15 can pay for a day’s meals for a family struggling to put food on the table
  • $30 can provide someone a bed for a night in one of our crisis accommodation services
  • $40 can provide a blanket or quilt for a child on a cold winter's night
  • $80 can pay for a course in life skills such as cooking, preparing for job interviews or basic computer skills at TAFE

Other ways you can get involved include...

Online fundraising

Fundraising online is a quick and easy way to gain support for your unique fundraising idea (for example you might like to collect donations instead of receiving a birthday or Christmas present!).  We can help you to set-up and build your online personal or team fundraising page and start promoting your fundraising idea.

Join an existing event

You have signed up to a local charity run or cycling challenge and want to fundraise while you train? We can help you to set up your own personal fundraising page and start training!  Contact the Schools and Community Engagement Officer to get started

Host a Vinnies School or Community Sleepout


Vinnies School and Community Sleepouts provide a unique insight into the complex issues that people experiencing homelessness face; issues which are often overlooked and misunderstood by the wider community. Our fundraising team can assist by helping you plan for your sleepout event. Email your details to  or download our Community Sleepout Information Kit here



Don’t forget that we are here to help you on your fundraising journey!
Call us with your questions on (08) 8112 8700 or email