10 Easy Random Acts of Kindness

It’s amazing how much you can change by doing a little. Imagine if all of us did something kind every day – we could change the world.


1. Warm and friendly greeting. It can be as easy as a friendly hello to your neighbour on your way out the door.


2. Hold the door open. This would have to be the most underrated act of kindness in existence. Everyday, people have doors slammed in front of them (literally and metaphorically!) so next time, open the door for the person behind you. That simple acknowledgement can be huge!


3. Leave a note. Whether its for the kids, the hubby or even the housemates – leave a note that starts the day off right!


4. Invite someone to join you at lunch. That person that's sitting in the lunchroom at work watching Love Island on catch up to pass the time… invite them to join you over lunch. A friendly smile and company could turn that person’s stressful day into a bright day!


5. Compliment someone. You never know just how much a genuine compliment can change someone’s entire day!

6. Thank the tram driver. We’ve all been that person in a hurry, trying to get to our destination dry and on time but do you ever take a few seconds to thank the driver on your way off the tram? That person got you where you need to – appreciate that. You might even get a good ole *ding* and wave as the tram drives off!


7. Be enviro-conscious. The environment is just as much our friend as the next person so next time you see a piece of rubbish on the ground, instead of walking past, stop to pick it up and put it in the nearest bin.


8. Donate clothes and shoes. As the cooler months start to set in and your wardrobe is filled to the brim with winter warmers, why not give someone else that same warm feeling? Find those good quality items that you wore once but forgot about later and take them to your local Vinnies so others can keep warm (and stylish!) during the cooler months.


9. Shout the next person's coffee.  Let’s face it, we all like to treat ourselves to a latte or cappuccino here and there so why not pay it forward and pay for the next person’s coffee too?


10. Smile. It costs nothing and is worth everything.


Helping with life’s basic needs is often what makes the biggest difference to people who are struggling to get by. Become an Everyday Kindness Partner and together we can rebuild lives, every day: http://bit.ly/Everyday_Kindness