Vinnies Youth

Vinnies Youth is a relatively broad term used to encompass the inspiring young people aged 18-35 years who every day share their time and energy to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.  Vinnies Youth help coordinate and assist in a number of programs including; Buddy Days, Home Visitations and Fred’s Van. 

A new initiative is currently also being explored which will be aimed at best supporting youth in the community aged between 14 and 17 years of age.

Current Programs and activities

Buddy Day Program

Vinnies Youth coordinate a Buddy Day program, which aims to give children and teenagers aged 6-14 years a cost free, safe and enjoyable day out.   All outings are conducted as a group usually on a Saturday from 10am -2pm (approximately).  Each child is buddied with an adult youth leader who makes the time to listen, support and mentor the child. 

Who can access Buddy Days?
Existing members of a local St Vincent de Paul Society Conference, typically refer children and teenagers, to the program.  The program currently operates in the Western Region only.

Who benefits from Buddy Days?
We focus on offering genuine support to children by providing them with alternative role models who are prepared to give them a true hand up in life.  The program aims to provide opportunities for self-development for both the children and young adult volunteers.  Many of the children come from family situations of single parent, or high needs, with outings offering the children and parents’ some much needed respite.

Can I volunteer for Buddy Days?
Vinnies Youth adopts a child safe and child friendly approach.  All volunteers must comply with the following process:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Complete a Volunteer Application Form
  • Complete a National Police Clearance (at no cost)
  • Engage with and complete Child Protection Awareness training (online and face to face options are available at no cost)
  • Attend an orientation session within 6 months of commencement
  • Abide by the ethos and standards of the St Vincent de Paul Society

Being a Vinnies Youth volunteer is a truly life changing experience for both the volunteer and people we assist.
For more information, please contact the Youth Team on (08) 8112 8700 or email

Home Visitations

We currently have a Youth Team operating in the Western suburb of Thebarton and surrounding area, and are in the process of starting a youth team who will support the  Southern Region Conferences later this year.

What are Home Visitations?
Home Visitations are usually undertaken in pairs with youth team members visiting a person’s home to provide support, friendship and material assistance or to determine the most appropriate response.  This can involve a range of factors, from being a supportive listener, providing food or food vouchers, clothing, furniture, budget support, assistance with utility bills, back-to-school costs, information and advocacy.

In some Conferences like Noarlunga this work is undertaken by way of face to face interviews conducted in a Vinnies office rather than in a person’s home.

Can I volunteer?
Anyone interested in volunteering should contact us on (08) 8112 8711, or email

Fred’s Van

Fred’s Van is a food service for people who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk of homelessness and marginalisation in Adelaide.

As of February 1st, 2016, there are three Youth teams who joined the Fred’s Van family and provide an additional service in the City CBD location every Monday night.  Each team is rostered for service every three weeks only.

Can I volunteer for this service?
Yes, however there are limited vacancies for the Monday night service.  You may wish to consider joining one of the groups in your local area or adding your name to the wait list?

Fred’s Van offers many opportunities to volunteers, all of which only require a few hours a month.  You can also donate food and/or blankets, volunteer in the Fred’s Van team helping to prepare and serve the food, or donate funds to provide meals from Fred’s Van.

How can I find out more?
For more information on Fred's Van please contact our Co-ordinator on (08) 8112 8720.


Vinnies Youth runs events throughout the year aimed specifically at supporting volunteers on their journey.   Our focus to date has been to bring people together in a more social setting.  As of mid 2016, we are keen to offer opportunities for volunteers to learn more about social justice issues and other works of the Society.

How can I find out more?
For further information, please contact Vinnies Youth by phone (08) 8112 8700 or email