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Volunteer agreement

The St Vincent de Paul Society (SA) Inc. is committed to providing an excellent and professional service to the South Australian community. In order to do this, we ask all volunteers to read and agree to the following statements outlining the responsibilities of both the Society and our volunteers.

- I understand that the St Vincent de Paul Society (SA) Inc. is committed to providing a holistic approach to working with the South Australian community, by providing physical, material, emotional and spiritual support and development for both volunteers and those we assist.
- I understand that this is not a position for which I will receive a wage or salary. As such I accept that the Society carries only volunteer accident insurance and that my vehicle and personal effects are my responsibility to cover. No liability can be accepted by the Society.
- I agree to work in line with the Society’s Policies and Procedures as will be outlined at the time of my induction and to clarify any queries and concerns with my supervisor or manager.
- I understand that Work, Health & Safety is the responsibility of all workers, both voluntary and paid. As such, I commit to undertaking all work in a manner which is safe for myself, other volunteers & paid staff, those we assist, and members of the general public.
- I agree to undertake relevant induction and training to assist me in my duties as a volunteer, including any other training and formation that the St Vincent de Paul Society (SA) Inc sees as necessary to commit to fulfilling these requirements as a volunteer.
-I have no physical and/or mental condition that may possibly affect my ability to perform duties with the St Vincent de Paul Society (SA) Inc, or place volunteers, staff and the wider public in danger.
- I accept that there is a 3 month probationary period in which time myself and the Society can determine whether this relationship will continue for both parties. I accept that I may be dismissed as a volunteer if it is deemed that any behaviour or actions I take have adversely affected the reputation of the Society or cause harm to others in the Society or wider community.
- I support a non-discriminatory and harassment-free work environment.
- I agree to adhere to strict confidentiality in regards to all information and documentation that I am exposed to during the course of my volunteering.