Compeer - A program bringing together friendly individuals and people experiencing mental illness.

St Vincent de Paul Society brought Compeer to Australia in 1996. Compeer Sunshine Coast is the first program in Queensland.

Sunshine Coast contact details
Phone: 07 5459 5230
Email: or
Mail Attention: Compeer Program Coordinator, St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland
12a Rigby Street, Nambour QLD 4560
PO Box 5146, Sunshine Coast MC QLD 4560

What is Compeer?
Compeer is a program run by the St Vincent de Paul Society. It matches volunteers from all walks of life with people who receive assistance from mental health services. Compeer means a companion who is also a peer.

Compeer volunteers are matched with a companion of the same gender and similar age and interests. They agree to meet regularly – usually one hour per week – for at least 12 months. You decide together on a time to meet that suits you both and activities that you both enjoy and can afford.

Who are Compeer volunteers?
Volunteers are people of all walks of life, races and religions who enjoy companionship and making a contribution to their community.

To become a volunteer for Compeer you will undergo a screening process and receive upfront training. You will then be eligible to be matched with a Compeer companion. During your friendship you will be provided with ongoing training and professional.

What do volunteers and companions do together?
Some possibilities include:
Chatting over coffee                           Concerts                                  Movies
Go for walks                                       Morning/afternoon tea            Play board games
Watch sport                                         Window shopping                   Share hobbies

Who pays?
Compeer aims to involve people in low-cost or no-cost activities.  Compeer volunteers are not reimbursed for expenses, we ask that each person pay for themselves. Most people find that they can afford a cup of coffee or the occasional public transport ticket, but it is up to you both to decide what you can manage.

For more information contact Mandy (details at the top of page).