Queensland offers a range of events and programs across the state to support young people in the community.  These programs require volunteers to plan, organise and facilitate activities at different times during the year.  The programs include:

Buddies Days
The life of a Queensland child is brightened by positive role models and a day of fun once a month. The St Vincent de Paul Society Queensland operates the Buddies Day program, which aims to give children (aged 8-12 years) a cost-free, safe and enjoyable day out, away from the routines and influences of their normal home situation.

Kids Camps
The St Vincent de Paul Society Kids Camps are a care and respite program providing children (8 -12 years) with a safe, enjoyable, cost-free holiday camp that they would not normally have opportunity or access to.

SENSE Youth Mentoring
The SENSE Youth Mentoring Program is an adventure based learning program providing support, encouragement and positive role models for youth and young adults between the ages of 13-17 who may be socially isolated or who have been affected by a significant family, or environmental event.

SENSE Youth Mentoring Camp
As an extension of our Mentoring Program, participants are offered a chance to participate in a weekend long, activity based and personal leadership model. Giving young people a chance to participate in activities they might not normally have a chance to. The camp enables all participants to learn more about themselves and provides young adults with confidence boosting personal development skills.

Palm Island Immersion
Twice a year the St Vincent de Paul Society sends 6 – 8 young people over to Palm Island. During their time on the Island the participants are encouraged to engage in Island life, learning about the history of the Palm Island community, as well as engaging with the Island’s elders and local school communities. They spend the week assisting the local primary school, engaging in classroom activities and running programs outside school hours for the children to engage in.

The participants are encouraged to get involved as much as they can during their stay, and to provide much needed support and assistance to the local school community.  Upon returning from the Island participants are encouraged to use their knowledge and their experiences to help advocate on behalf of those they had the privilege to serve.

Soccer Stars Program
The Soccer Stars Program is a pilot program offering disadvantaged children aged 8-11 a cost-free opportunity to learn and play recreational soccer in a relaxed non-competitive environment. Arranged fortnightly on Saturday mornings, Soccer Stars focus on developing friendships, providing positive role models, team building, participation and increasing confidence.

​Volunteers form part of a team who coach soccer and allow children to experience the physical, psychological and social benefits of soccer. The program aims to help children be their best on and off the field.

Want to know more or get involved?
For more information please call 07 3010 1000 to speak with a Youth Facilitator, or click here to send an email.