Meet Marion, a Treasured Volunteer in QLD

 Meet Marion (pictured ), who quietly goes about helping those in need. She is crucial in assisting Vinnies to combat poverty and giving people a hand up.

Marion is one of our 2,900 Vinnies members throughout Queensland, all with stories just like hers. Every week you will find her visiting families in her local Wavell Heights community when they are facing tough times.

Every Wednesday Marion responds to calls for assistance and on average visits up to five families that day, offering them financial assistance with rent, groceries, and providing them with clothes and companionship. On a Thursday she helps with delivering loaves of bread to families in her suburb. Without this bread, many families would struggle to stretch out the meals for the week.  

Vinnies in Queensland received a thank you letter from a family that Marion assisted last Christmas. You can read the full letter in the Making a Difference newsletter.

Sarah* phoned our helpline last Christmas requesting assistance; she had received an unexpected bill, her fridge had just broken and she needed help to get through Christmas. Marion visited Sarah in her home as Sarah was unable to afford public transport or to pay for petrol.

To help get Sarah through Christmas, Marion was able to help with a replacement fridge and organised a hamper of goods that had essential groceries, some treats for Christmas and presents for Sarah’s children.

Marion told me “people living on the edge just don’t have enough (income); it only takes one small thing to go wrong. They simply just don’t have any spare money and Sarah was doing all she could to keep her family together”.

Imagine what might have happened if Marion had not been able to visit Sarah. Homelessness? Hungry children? Living in a car?

I know not everyone can do what Marion does; it is confronting and can be heartbreaking. But the outcomes are life changing.  Sarah has found a new job and has managed to put away some savings ready for this coming Christmas.

You can join our Vincentian Family or make a donation to support those in need in our community.