The work of the St Vincent de Paul Society is largely carried out by members of the community who voluntarily give their time, skills and experience to help those less fortunate.

The Society provides many opportunities for volunteer participation and is an activity open to any person. There are opportunities available both during and after business hours. Many volunteering positions are ongoing but there are also short-term opportunities available.

To register your interest in volunteering, please complete the form below. More information about the programs can be found at the end of the page.

Please note the St Vincent de Paul Society has a large number of volunteer applications and cannot guarantee to place volunteers in their service of choice, but will always recognise your rights as a volunteer.

Under 18

Areas of interest:

Graphic design
Vinnies Shops
Support Centres
Compeer (Sunshine Coast)
Volunteer Refuge Tutoring Community Support
Home visitations (members only)
Buddies Days
Kids Camps
Sense Mentoring
Nightriders - youth


  • Centres of charity QLD

    Volunteer to assist in our Vinnies Retail Centres and Depots Many opportunities exist to volunteer in our Vinnies Centres and Depots. Even a few hours of your time a week can make a huge difference to the operation of this core work of the St Vincent...

  • Meet Marion

    Meet Marion (pictured ), who quietly goes about helping those in need. She is crucial in assisting Vinnies to combat poverty and giving people a hand up. Marion is one of our 2,900 Vinnies members throughout Queensland, all with stories just like hers....

  • Volunteer Compeer in Sunshine Coast QLD

    Compeer Program in Sunshine Coast QLD Compeer - A program bringing together friendly individuals and people experiencing mental illness. St Vincent de Paul Society brought Compeer to Australia in 1996. Compeer Sunshine Coast is the first program in...

  • Volunteer Refugee Tutoring and Community Support (VoRTCS)

    Volunteer Refugee Tutoring and Community Support (VoRTCS) What is the VoRTCS program? The VoRTCS Program is a Special Works of St Vincent de Paul and provides in-home tutoring support to many refugee families in Brisbane so they can take up...

  • Youth Programs in QLD

    Youth Programs in QLD Queensland offers a range of events and programs to support disadvantaged and marginalised youth. These programs require volunteers to plan, organise and run at different times during the year. The programs include: Active...