Green Team

What is the Green Team?
Green Team is a program run by young adults to support people who are disadvantaged or marginalised within our community. Volunteers assist with gardening work and yard maintenance which may include pruning, weeding and planting. This also gives us an opportunity to sit with those we meet, share our stories and extend a hand of friendship to others within our community.

Who can access Green Team?
People in the general community who experience difficulty in maintaining their garden including those who are elderly or have a disability, and those supported by Society services or local Conferences.

Where does Green Team operate?

Green Team activities take place on specified days and times that suit the location and volunteers. The Green Team program is currently coordinated by the Sydney Archdiocese Young Adults Engagement Officer (for volunteers over 18 years of age) and Schools Liaison Officer (for High School groups) and Wagga Youth Coordinator. For further information please contact your local Green Team coordinator on the below contact details.

Who benefits from Green Team?
Community members who seek our support and Society services benefit from this program.

Can I volunteer for Green Team?
To become a Green Team volunteer you must be 14 years of age and over and available to attend our Youth Program Training prior to commencement (please note that in some areas you need to be 18 years of age and over). Our volunteers receive extensive training and support.

How can I find out more about Green Team?
For information on how you can become a Vinnies Young Adult volunteer please contact your local Youth Coordinator on the below contact details.

Green Team is currently run in the following areas:


Contact:  or 0418 441 797

Wagga Wagga

Contact:  or 6971 7175

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