Buddies Days

What are Buddies Days?
Buddies Days are a one day activity, in which children aged 5-12 years participate in a recreational or educational activities (such as sports days, craft days, movies, ice skating or swimming).

Who can access Buddies Days?
­­Children aged 5-12 years of age (and in primary school) from families experiencing hardship or disadvantage for a variety of reasons are welcome to attend our Buddies Days.

Where do Buddies Days run?
Buddies Days are run in locations across the state. For further details of the programs within your area please contact your local Youth Coordinator on the contact details below.

Who benefits from Buddies Days?
The program is designed to offer children a break from any hardships they may be experiencing. It also involves a range of activities that encourage children to develop new skills, enhance their self- confidence and encourage friendship development with other children. In some areas we also run Buddies Days for teenagers aged between 12-15 years of age and in high school. All activities are organised at no cost to the families or volunteers.

Can I volunteer on Buddies Days?
To become a Buddies Day volunteer you must be 16 years of age and over and available to attend our Youth Program Training prior to commencement (please note that in some areas you need to be 18 years of age and over). Our trained and supported volunteers provide positive role models to the children and participate in activities alongside them to ensure that their day is both safe and lots of fun. As this is a program is for children and young people, all Vinnies volunteers aged 18 years and older are required to complete a Working with Children Check and National Police Check.

How can I find out more about Buddies Days?
For information on how you can become a Vinnies Young Adult volunteer please contact the Youth Staff within your local area.

Buddies Days are currently run in the following areas:

Contact: armidaleyouth@vinnies.org.au  or (02) 5776 0201

Broken Bay
Contact: bbayyouth@vinnies.org.au  or 9495 8306

Contact: reception@vinnieslismore.org  or 6621 5835

Contact: maitland.newcastle@vinnies.org.au  or 4032 3560

Contact: youth@sydneyvinnies.org  or 0418 441 797

Wagga Wagga
Contact: waggayouth@vinnies.org.au  or 6971 7175

Contact: youth@svdpwgong.org.au  or 4627 9013

Buddies Days Volunteer Position Description

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