What are the St Vincent de Paul Youth Programs?

Vinnies Youth consists of two respite and recreation programs for children and young people.

The camps and weekend activities are staffed, facilitated and organised by volunteers (called “oldies”). Each camp has approximately 35 kids and 15 oldies

St Nick’s is a respite and recreation program for Young Carers aged 9-15 years. Camps occur twice a year in the January and July school holidays for 5 days each.

Each month we run a fun activity for a few hours on the weekend. The program aims to provide Young Carers with a break from their caring role and to give them an opportunity to have fun and try new things.
St Joe’s is a respite and recreation program for vulnerable children aged 6-12 years. Camps occur in every school holidays for 5 days each. Monthly weekend catch-up activities run for a couple of hours.

The program aims to provide children having a tough time with a break from their home situation and a chance to have fun in their holidays and on the weekend.

Where do the programs take place?

Camps take place at retreat and conference centres in Canberra, the Southern Highlands, Snowy Mountains or the South Coast. Camps are never more than 2.5 hours from Canberra and all transport is provided. Accommodation is dorm style and the camps are generally catered for by the venue.
Weekend monthly activities take place at various venues around Canberra, for example the Zoo, Questacon or a rock climbing centre.

What are the benefits of volunteering for these programs?

The youth programs would not run without the support, dedication and passion of volunteers. The benefits for the children and young people we work with are huge. Camp allows the kids a chance to take a break and have fun, something that is rare for them.

Volunteers also provide positive affirmation, encouragement and are great role models for the kids.
The youth programs are very social and you will make new friends, learn new skills such as leadership, first aid and facilitation and have a lot of fun!

Do these programs have a minimum age requirement?

Yes, to volunteer for the St Joe’s Youth Program you must be at least 17 years old. To volunteer for the St Nick’s Young Carers Program you must be at least 20 years old.

How can I find out more about volunteering in the youth programs?

For more information please contact the Youth Team on (02) 6234 7321 or youth@svdp-cg.org.au