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"Volunteering makes me feel part of the community and useful."

Vinnies February Doorknock Appeal has been running for over 32 years and is successful because of the dedicated volunteers who donate their time each year, and the generosity of the Canberra community. CEO Sleepout is the event to raise funds by Vinnies’ CEO, Canberra’s business and community leaders sleeping out. The funds raised from the CEO Sleepout go directly to Vinnies Canberra/Goulburn programs that support people at risk of, or experiencing, homelessness.

From the 1st February, Vinnies Doorknock Appeal volunteers will be hitting the pavements for the entire month to raise much needed funds for the Society's services that provide immediate and long-term assistance to people with urgent and ongoing needs. The fund raised by CEO Sleepout assist the Society to continue its existing programs and improve its capacity to provide a hand-up to local people in need through expansion of services and early intervention programs, particularly for the region’s youth.

Time Frame:
Vinnies Doorknock Appeal: 2 hours in February
CEO Sleepout

Vinnies Doorknock Appeal: the suburb(s) volunteers would like to doorknock in
CEO Sleepout: To be decided each year

Vinnies Doorknock Appeal: February
CEO Sleepout: June

Age Requirement:
Age requirement will depend on the event. Check with the Volunteer Coordinator about the event you are interested in.

Special requirements such as a WWVP, Degree, Documents:

Will I have an opportunity to develop or learn new skills?
Volunteers can develop interpersonal communication skills and teamwork skills if volunteered in a team.

For more information, contact our Volunteer Coordinator on 02 6234 7348 or

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