Tinnies for Vinnies - Support our most vulnerable

Vinnies SA welcomes an initiative from partners Recyclers SA/Scrap Hotline  - ‘Tinnies for Vinnies’.

Customers who visit participating Recyclers SA/Scrap Hotline recycling depots will now have the option to drop some or all of their refundable cans and bottles into specially marked Vinnies bins on site. The depots will then donate the cash equivalent of those containers to Vinnies, so that we can keep supporting the more than 100,000 South Australians who turn to us for help each year.

If you've got cans and bottles piling up at home, here's the perfect opportunity to tidy up while supporting a great cause.

Where can I donate?

It's not just your bottles and cans that you can donate at Scrap Hotline depots, you can also donate your quality pre-loved items such as clothing, shoes, homewares, accessories etc. Look for the donation banks at the sites listed below.

For a list of participating depots, visit Recylers SA.