The Carbon Reduction Institute has come on board for a three-year agreement from 2021-2023 to generously support the Sydney Night Patrol Van Service.  The Sydney Night Patrol operates two mobile food vans that provide service at three locations in the city of Sydney, 364 nights of the year (New Year’s Eve being the exception). The service relies heavily on support from the community with over 2,000 volunteers allocated across 56 teams, with each team going out once every four weeks. Approximately 200 people per night are served meals, assisted with material goods, and offered referrals to relevant internal and external support agencies.

Rob Cawthorne, Managing Director at the Carbon Reduction Institute, said "We are focussed on reducing the impact of climate change through the assistance we provide to our customers. Climate change is an issue of greatest concern to this world. However, it is just one of many issues. For those struggling with their day-to-day livelihood, a blanket on a cold night, a warm meal, or even a conversation are, at that moment, far more important than big issues such as climate change. 

In a country as affluent and fortunate as Australia, it is incredible that more than 116,000 people sleep homeless every night. CRI has happily committed to at least a three-year partnership supporting the Sydney Night Patrol Service, helping those in need whilst reducing just a few of the hardships for those experiencing homelessness.”