Corporate Volunteering

Corporate partners of the St Vincent de Paul Society NSW appreciate the opportunity for their employees to participate in corporate volunteering activities that best suit their interest and objectives. Through a variety of engagement opportunities, our Corporate Partners are able to provide their employees with unique team building experiences, valuable skills transfer and the chance to make a real and positive difference to Australians experiencing poverty and disadvantage.

Corporate team members also benefit greatly from spending quality time with our clients.  They often come to realise that our clients face these difficult circumstances as a result of many of the challenges they have faced during their lives such as the loss of their job, untimely death of the breadwinner, family conflict and family breakdown. These engagements build the social capital and increase our understanding of our fellow Australians.

Corporate volunteering opportunities allow employees to gain greater understanding of the types of support Vinnies provides to the community and why their employer has chosen to support Vinnies through its philanthropic giving.

Volunteering opportunities for your staff may include:

•    Hosting BBQ’s and lunches for the community programs and services
•    Cleaning or maintaining a Special Work or Support Centre
•    Creating or upgrading  a garden or particular space at a service (ie: painting a room, planting a garden)
•    Holding a Christmas Party/Family Day/Community event for clients or residents at a service
•    Volunteering at a Vinnies Family Centre/Distribution Centre or a Vinnies Shop
•    Taking clients on a social excursion such as a theatre performance or to a tourist attraction
•    Providing skilled volunteering such as assistance with resume writing, interview skills, financial literacy training, pro bono legal advice
•    Helping with our Pop-up Op Shops at Communities without a General Store
•    Assist at one of our one-off events such as the Vinnies CEO Sleepout and Hotels Have Hearts

If you are interested in Corporate Volunteering as part of a corporate partnership with Vinnies NSW please contact Priscilla Leong, Senior Corporate Partnerships Coordinator or Ph: (02) 8622 0320.

We are very thankful to receive numerous requests for corporate volunteering activities however we have a limited number of volunteering opportunities for Corporate teams. As a result we reserve the opportunities we have for our corporate partners who provide vital funds for our support services allowing Vinnies to continue supporting Australians experiencing disadvantage and homelessness. We still welcome your support and would encourage you to look at our current volunteer opportunities for individuals and community groups.