State corporate partnerships

With help from the corporate community, each state provides grass-roots services to support those in need within their local area.

Select your location for more information on your state’s corporate program.


  • ACT

    We recognise the importance of developing and nurturing strong links with the corporate and philanthropic sectors

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  • NSW

    We believe in building strong links with the corporate and philanthropic sectors to develop long-term strategic, mutually beneficial relationships.

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  • NT

    We seek to engage partners in long-term, strategic and mutually beneficial relationships

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  • QLD

    By partnering with us, you can support our activities across many areas of need

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  • SA

    If your organisation is looking to deepen its commitment to corporate social responsibility, we invite you to work with us to identify opportunities to make a difference

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  • TAS

    The St Vincent de Paul Society relies on the generosity of the wider community to support vital programs and services for people in need

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  • VIC

    A partnership with Vinnies Victoria shows consumers and employees that you have an ongoing commitment to supporting the wider community and giving back to Australians in need.

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  • WA

    We extend our thanks to all businesses, corporations and government agencies that have supported the work of the St Vincent de Paul Society

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