Vinnies Youth
Vinnies Youth represents young volunteers aged 17 and over who contribute to the works of the St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria, often through Young Adult Conferences and Special Works programs.

Vinnies Youth is term given to young adult members and volunteers of the St Vincent de Paul Society. Getting involved in Vinnies Youth is about putting faith in action – we offer a number of opportunities to serve people in your local community. These include: Days Out, Camps, Home Visitation, Education Programs, Vinnies Shops, Soup Vans and school engagement.

Footsteps of Frederic program is a leadership and formation experience with Vinnies Victoria for young people in their first year out of school. In the program, participants will meet like-minded individuals, explore social justice learning and gain lifelong memories through serving those in need in Vinnies programs.

Kids Camps providing support, respite and fun – as well as creating lasting memories – for children in Victoria whose families are assisted by Vinnies. Our Vinnies Youth team run Kids Camps three times a year and they are open to children aged six to 12. The camps take place in the summer, winter and spring school holidays.

Kids Days Out are run through the St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria's young adult conferences and provide valuable time out for primary school aged children whose families are assisted by Vinnies. On offer on the day is a variety of activities with a sole aim in mind – fun.

Roadshow is a Special Work of the State Youth Team and provides children’s activity days in all Central Councils (with a particular focus on regional Central Councils) offering children from families we assist a happy, safe and fun day, free of charge, while allowing their parent(s) or care giver(s) some respite. 

The State Youth Team is an advisory committee of St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria’s State Council. As the ‘voice for youth members’, the team meets regularly to plan activities and events that aim to enrich the lives of Vinnies Youth across Victoria. Members also set an annual strategic plan to work towards goals that increase youth participation in the life of the Society. 

Young Vinnies Conferences make a difference in your community. A conference is a self-run group of young volunteers, often from the same local area, who meet regularly to plan community outreach programs. These are dynamic groups with a clear aim to help make the world a better place. 

One common way to get involved with Vinnies Youth is by joining a conference – a group of vibrant and passionate people, who meet regularly to plan activities, reflect on social justice, pray and support each other in the work they do.

There is always opportunity to learn about ‘getting involved’ in the St Vincent de Paul Society, please contact our youth team in your state or territory. The St Vincent de Paul Society started when a 20-year-old university student decided to do something about the poverty he saw in his community.

Today, Vinnies works with young people across Victoria to continue this legacy, and to continue the fight for a more just and compassionate society. From primary school, through high school, university, and beyond, the Society offers young people the opportunity to learn, reflect, and make a difference in their community.

By taking part, you’ll be joining hundreds of school and youth groups across Victoria working alongside Vinnies to grow the next generation of social justice advocates, and you’ll be supporting the direct work Vinnies does day-in-day-out to help those in our community who need it most.

To learn more about Vinnies Youth, email us or call 03 9895 8500.