Box Hill Call Centre

WELFARE ASSISTANCE: 1800 305 330 (VICTORIA ONLY)  |   Monday-Friday, 10am-3pm

The Box Hill Call Centre is the St Vincent de Paul Society’s main call centre in Victoria, servicing Melbourne’s metropolitan conferences and regularly receiving more than 300 calls daily for welfare assistance.

The call centre is staffed by volunteers who are supported by two part-time Call Centre Coordinators.

Its purpose is to assist the work of local groups, called conferences, by:

  • Receiving and accurately recording all requests for help
  • Passing on all requests promptly to the correct conferences
  • Answering queries from callers regarding response times

Calls for assistance are forwarded to the relevant conference so that members can make a home visit or conduct an interview at a conference centre to determine what emergency welfare assistance is required.

The Call Centre is a necessary contact point for making the Society accessible to people in need.