Moe Soup Van

Moe Soup Van

The Moe Soup Van began operating on 27 November 1997 and provides assistance to people who might be facing tough times. We offer a friendly face and a warm meal, including school lunches to the Moe region twice a week.

Last year, our 20 volunteers provided 69 people per night.

This service could not exist without the generous support of our many volunteers, sponsors, donors and suppliers.

Who can access the Soup Van?

The Moe Soup Van is a free service available to anyone in the Moe region. We typically support people who face financial difficulties and those who are homeless.

When does the Soup Van work?

You’ll find us out every Monday and Wednesday.

  • Visit the Vinnies Shop, Fowler Street, Moe to register that you would like the service to call on you

Who benefits from the Moe Soup Van?

The Moe Soup Van is a reliable service that provides ongoing support and meals to the homeless and to those facing financial difficulties.

We’ve provided more than 4,200 meals to people in Moe and Newborough.

Can I help?

We are always happy to hear from interested community members.

The Moe Soup Van relies on the generosity of donors, both financially and through in-kind gifts. If you would like to make a donation, please email

How can I find out more?

For further information email: or if you would like to volunteer, please click here GET INVOLVED