Dandenong Education Program

What is the Dandenong Education Program?

The Dandenong Education Program is a free educational service providing assistance to students from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. The program assists students with literacy and numeracy, as well as general social and academic support, helping improve overall educational outcomes.

Our paid coordinator and trained volunteer tutors provide a friendly educational environment. The team aims to improve the learning skills and attitudes of students, increase student confidence when interacting with tutors and peers, encourage collaboration, promote social inclusion and showcase best learning practice.

Who can access the Dandenong Education Program?

Students from Grade 3 to Year 12, who live or go to school in the area, are welcome to join the tutoring program. We help a range of students from various backgrounds, cultures and with differing learning needs. Most of our students are from families that speak English as an additional language (EAL).

Where is the service located?

You’ll find us at St Mary’s Primary School, Dandenong every Saturday during school term, from 10:00am-12:00pm.

Who benefits from the Dandenong Education Program?

Students who attend the program have the opportunity to develop social and academic skills as part of a positive learning experience. Many students feedback that the program helps them with improved academic results, increased social and academic confidence and better friendships and social involvement.

Can I help?

We are always happy to hear from people who want to volunteer, however this program has particular educational requirements. Please call 1300 736 933 for further information.

How can I find out more?

Our Victorian central office is always happy to help. Please call 03 9895 5800. For volunteer enquiries please call 1300 736 933 or email dandenong.tutor@svdp-vic.org.au