One-off grants are available for projects of up to $20,000 

The organisation that is applying must:

1.1. Be located in Australia.
1.2. Be directly assisting a community that is based in an identified bushfire-affected area in the Victorian region.
1.3. Be capable of providing receipts or alternative evidence to support the expenditure of the funds awarded.
1.4. Have a bank account in the name of the applying community group or organisation.
1.5. Be committed to valuing diversity and promoting equality.






The project that the funding relates to must be an activity or program that delivers a wider community benefit. This can include but is not limited to:

2.1. Physical repairs to community infrastructure properties.
2.2. Assistance packages to bushfire impacted families.
2.3. Continuation of community services where these have been prevented from operating due to the impact from the bushfires.
2.4. Recreational and respite programs.
2.5. Counselling and educational programs that are linked to experiences of fires.
2.6. The project must demonstrate that is a response required due to the impact of the bushfire.
2.7. The project must demonstrate that it is responding to an identified need within the community.
2.8. The project must be able to define the community outcomes.
2.9. The project must not have already received funding from an alternative organisation delivering the same outcomes unless the applicant can demonstrate it forms part of a wider project application.










Receipt and use of funds

Funds will only be deposited into the account of a registered community group / organisation.

The account of the applicant for receipt of payment must be registered for GST. Applicants that do not have an account that meets this criterion may be deemed ineligible to receive a grant.

Funds must only be used for expenses related to supporting the primary activity of the organisation named in the application and funds must be used for the purpose described in the application. If expenses incurred differ from the application, request for approval must be submitted in writing.

The grant is provided in the form of a directed donation and no liability is assumed for any aspect of the grant or equipment purchased.

Grants will not be awarded for applications requesting coverage of expenses, travel or personal activities where the organisation named in the application is not involved.

Grants will not be awarded for cash payments to individuals (this includes depositing into individual bank accounts).

Requests for grants to finance goods and or projects that have already been purchased or completed will not be accepted.

Grants will not be awarded for organisations funding political activities, sponsorships or fundraising appeals.

The grant is provided with the express requirement of any marketing activity being co-branded between the applicant and St Vincent de Paul Society.

All successful applicants must provide evidence of use of the funds. Requests for extensions must be submitted in writing to the St Vincent de Paul Society and will be reviewed on a case by case basis. The Society may withdraw funding if evidence is not provided.


The community organisation is expected to be willing and able to work with the St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria. The community organisation receiving a grant will participate in marketing activity relating to the grant in collaboration with the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Prior approval of the use of the St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria name, trademark and logo is required. Logos, graphic files and brand guidelines will be supplied on request if successful.

The delivery of the program will be the responsibility of the applicant. The Society will not participate in or be responsible for the delivery of the program.

All questions on the application need to be answered in full. Any incomplete applications will not be assessed.