Can I apply for a Bushfire Community Grant as an individual?

Vinnies Victoria's Bushfire Community Grants will only be awarded to registered community groups and organisations that can demonstrate their capacity to work in, with and for the community. If you are an individual seeking a bushfire grant please click HERE for further information.  

How many grants are available?

A total of $500,000 has been allocated to the Vinnies Victoria's Bushfire Community Grants program with one-off grants available for projects up to the value of $20,000. 

How will you judge grant applications?

Each application will be assessed by a committee comprising Vinnies staff from across the organisation as they are received. They will assess each application according to a scoring matrix, and each application will be fairly judged according to these same criteria. The committee’s decisions will be final and at their sole discretion.

If I am successful in applying for a grant, will Vinnies be involved in delivering the program/project?

No. The delivery of the program will be the responsibility of the applicant, and we do not expect Vinnies to be closely involved. However, you will be asked to participate in marketing activity relating to the grant in collaboration with Vinnies, and to provide reporting back to us on how you have used the grant funds and provided benefit to your community.

What are the grant application deadlines?

Applications for Vinnies Victoria's Bushfire Community Grants will remain open while there is funding available.  

How can I request bushfire funding or assistance in areas other than the Victorian region?

Please call us on 13 18 12.

Where can I find further information about Vinnies’ bushfire relief work?

Please visit