Loui’s Van is an after-hours mobile service providing food, information and support to those in need. It is a two van, six night operation with over 280 volunteers on the roster. 

Who can access Loui’s Van?

Loui’s Van is an anonymous service and available for anyone, particularly people who are in need, isolated or at risk.

Where is the service located?

Monday to Thursday

Glenorchy, Barry Street (Council Car park)  7.45pm to 8.15pm

Hobart, Elizabeth St Mall  8.30pm to 9pm


Gagebrook, Gagebrook Community Centre, Lamprill Circle - 7pm to 7.20pm

Bridgewater Community Centre, Bowden Drive - 7.25pm to 7.45pm


Clarendon Vale, Neighbourhood Centre, Mockridge Road 5.45pm – 6.00pm

Warrane Neighbourhood House 6.10pm – 6.30pm


Gagebrook - Gagebrook Community Centre, Lamprill Circle - 7pm to 7.20pm

Bridgewater - Bridgewater Community Centre, Bowden Drive – 7.25pm to 7.45pm


Kingston - Kingborough Council Car Park, Hutchions St - 7pm to 7.25pm

Kingston - Maranoa Heights Community Centre, Hawthorn Drive - 7.25pn to 7.50pm

Who benefits from the services?

Loui’s Van currently encounters an average of 50 people each evening that it operates. Those who come to Loui’s Van range from children to aged people and reflect a broad cross section of the community. In the last year we assisted over 17,000 times. Many are experiencing considerable difficulty, including homelessness, mental health issues, isolation, drug and alcohol issues and poor self-esteem. For many, Loui’s Van is a reminder of the dignity, concerns and worth of people in need. 

Can I volunteer with Loui’s Van?

Yes. Our volunteers are involved in all aspects of the Van’s operation – from making the soup to preparing sandwiches and operating the service out on the streets. People do not require any particular experience to become a volunteer. What is important is the acceptance of others, a sense of humour and a commitment to a just and compassionate community. Induction, support and training are provided to volunteers and at all times their safety and well-being is of the upmost importance. The vast majority of volunteers find Loui’s Van a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Can I donate to Loui’s Van?

Yes. $25 is all it takes to Adopt Loui for a Day. This will feed up to 50 people who can approach the van on any one night. Your name will be publicly acknowledged where possible and you can even choose the date! Dates could be chosen for special reasons such as birthdays or perhaps in memory of a loved one.

How can I find out more?

For more information please contact the Loui's Van and Emergency Relief Co-ordinator on (03) 6234 4244