Tastex is a fully operational knitting mill in Glenorchy, Tasmania. Tastex is a "Special Work" of the St Vincent de Paul Society and also an Australian Disability Enterprise.

Tastex is the only knitting mill in Australia that provides employment, training and support for people with intellectual disabilities. Tastex employs 24 people, 15 of our employees have intellectual disabilities. 

Tastex manufactures high quality school and corporate knitwear and embroidery which is marketed throughout Tasmania and mainland Australia.

Who can access the services on offer?

Tastex offers supported employment for people who have an intellectual disability and are eligible to receive a Disability Support Pension.

Tastex believes that all employees should be given the opportunity to reach their potential. All Tastex employees, including those with intellectual disabilities are encouraged to undertake recognised training programs.

Where is the Centre located?

Tastex Knitwear is located at 12 Mill Lane, Glenorchy, Tasmania 7010. 

How can I find out more?

Contact us at:

Phone: (03) 6272 8877
Email sales@tastex.com.au
Web www.tastex.com.au