What is the service?

Formerly known as the Frederic Ozanam Housing Association, Amelie Housing comprises over 300 properties, providing long-term housing for low income tenants including the aged, refugees, singles, single parent families, people with a disability and low income workers. Rent is set at 25-30% of income. Amelie Housing has a range of houses from one bedroom units to four bedroom houses.

Who can access this service?

Amelie Housing is unable to offer emergency or priority housing. For immediate assistance with housing, please call the Homeless Connect SA on1800 003 308  or visit their website

To be considered for accommodation you must be eligible for community housing.

  1. Please determine if you are eligible for accommodation before requesting a Registration of Interest form. 
  2. If you are eligible, all questions on the Registration of Interest form must be completed. Identification and proof of income must be provided for all people 16 years of age or older who are listed on the form.­­

Where is the service located?

Properties are located throughout the metropolitan area of South Australia, with the majority in the south.

Who benefits from this service?

Families and individuals benefit from the long term stability that Amelie Housing can provide. Please click here to visit the Amelie Housing website where you can download a Registration of Interest form.

Please note: Registrations of Interest will not be accepted by people already receiving subsidised rental accommodation via other community housing organisations, or Housing SA. The lodgement of a Registration of Interest form does not guarantee housing and no timeframes for housing are offered.

Can I volunteer for this service?


How can I find out more?

Please phone 1800 950 575 or email adminsa@amelie.org.au for further information.

Additional forms and information

Click here to download SA Country community housing area map

Other useful Housing websites

SA.GOV.AU - Public and community housing (www.sa.gov.au)

Community Housing Council of South Australia http://www.chcsa.org.au