What is this service?

St Vincent de Paul Society is concerned with relieving the poverty needs of the South Australian community. It is also actively involved in redressing the causes of these needs that impact on the lives of children, families, the elderly and the homeless. Through personal contact, our members provide comfort, hope, friendship, material and financial support.

Who can access this service?

Anyone can access this service. Their needs may be:
Material - Food, clothing, shelter, warmth, financial
Social - Family breakdown, at risk of homelessness, unemployment, poverty, mental health, addiction
Personal - Isolation, loneliness, grief

Upon request individuals and families are referred to other appropriate agencies for counselling and further assistance. We aim to empower others, accepting them for who they are and providing them with opportunities to live fulfilling and active lives within the wider community.

Where is the service located?

Conference members (local group) are the link between people seeking assistance. Each week in the metropolitan area alone we receive approximately 600 calls for assistance. Members arrange to meet people in their homes or at a central location where demand is high. By visiting people, we find out what a person or family's need is and how we can best assist them.

Who benefits from Home Visitation?

By visiting people in their homes, wherever their homes may be, the St Vincent de Paul Society aims to help people break the cycle of poverty and disadvantage. While some visits are a one off event, many are part of a continuing friendship assisting an individual or family through crisis like unemployment, eviction, personal injury and loss.

Assistance is provided in many forms. Material assistance is provided in the form of food, bill payment, and furniture, clothing and household goods, often in cooperation with the local Vinnies Shop. Assistance is also provided by way of friendship and support.

How can I find out more?

For emergency assistance please contact 1300 729 202

Please note the emergency assistance line is open between 9.00am-1.00pm Monday to Friday.