What are Vinnies Centres?

Vinnies Centres continue to provide a visual presence of the organisation in the community. Quality donations of clothing, blankets, toys and bric a brac can be donated directly to your nearest Vinnies Centre.

Who can access this service?

Anyone is welcome to attend our Vinnies Centres during opening hours. Come in to drop off donations, to shop or volunteer. We’d love to see you in store soon.­

Where is the service located?

There are 34 Vinnies Centres across metropolitan and regional South Australia.

Who benefits from Vinnies Centres?

The proceeds from goods sold at Vinnies Centres is used to keep the Shops open and maintain services and programs offered by the Society in South Australia.

Can I volunteer for this service?

Yes. Please use the 'Shop locator' option on this website to locate your nearest store.

How can I find out more about Vinnies Centres?

Please note if you need assistance please call our Assistance line, which operates between 9am and 1pm from Monday to Friday.

Phone: 1300 729 202